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J2B Publishes ‘Sparky Protects’

Sparky Protects is the 4th book in the successful Uncle Rocky, Fireman illustrated children’s book series written by James Burd Brewster and published by J2B.  The stories describe the adventures of Rocky Hill, a new fire fighter, and his two nephews, Ben and Luke. sparky protectsSparky, the fire station’s new Dalmatian dog, has done well in training, but Rocky Hill knows that Sparky has not been tested by a real fire.  When Sparky attacks the hose team as they approach a burning garage, Uncle Rocky fears the worst.  Maybe Sparky is not a fire dog after all.

Apart or together Uncle Rocky, Ben, and Luke fight fires, rescue people, and help their neighbors.  The stories emphasize service to others and devotion to duty, each story ending with Uncle Rocky’s trademark statement, “Glad to do it!  Children can learn more at WWW.GladToDoIt.Net.

Brewster created the stories as a result of putting his two oldest boys to bed every night when they were six and four.  The boys, now 29 and 27, tell Uncle Rocky stories to their children.

Brewster is a retired Coast Guard officer who has played with walruses in the Arctic, sails on Lake Champlain, and leads music for a nursing home on Sundays.

J2B, located in Charles County, MD, also published the first three books in the Uncle Rocky, Fireman series:  Fire!, Something’s Missing, and Sparky’s Rescue.

Book #1 Fire! is available as a free Kindle/Nook download at and The complete series can be purchased at local independent bookstores, Barnes and Noble, and


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