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New Release: ‘The Adventures of Uncle Rocky, Fireman’

James Burd Brewster has published The Adventures of Uncle Rocky, Fireman.
This is his fifth Uncle Rocky, Fireman book but is the first one written as a chapter book aimed for 3rd and 4th grade readers.

chapter bookThe stories describe the adventures of Rocky Hill, a new fire fighter, and his two nephews, Ben and Luke. Apart or together Uncle Rocky, Ben, and Luke fight fires, rescue people, and help their neighbors. The stories emphasize service to others and devotion to duty, each story ending with Uncle Rocky’s trademark statement, “Glad to do it!”

The Adventures of Uncle Rocky, Fireman contains 12 Uncle Rocky, Fireman episodes which include the four episodes already in print (Fire!, Something’s Missing, Sparky’s Rescue, Sparky Protects) as well as eight new episodes. “My favorite new episode is Market Meltdown,” commented Brewster. “It actually happened to the best friend of my daughter-in-law.”

The books can be purchased from Booknuts Bookstore in White Plains, MD and or checked out from the Charles County Library System. Readers can contact Uncle Rocky at and Booknuts at