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Booknuts Bookstore hosts HS author reception

Booknuts Bookstore honors the winners of the Westlake High School Children’s Storybook competition with author’s reception and book signing.In March, six Westlake High School honors English classes were challenged by Mr. James Mascia, their teacher and author of High School Heroes, to band together in teams of four and each write an illustrated children’s storybook.  The storybooks were evaluated by James Brewster, Pomfret resident and author of the “Uncle Rocky, Fireman” series of illustrated children’s books, and the top three were published on

Believing that every author should have a reception and book signing when their book is published, Booknuts Bookstore 4459 Crain Hwy, White Plains, MD (301-742-2296) is hosting the event in their store on Saturday, June 14th from 11am – 2pm.

Contact:  James Brewster

Phone: 202-557-8097