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Cakes, Tarts, Cannolis – What’s Next?

Mystery DessertYou’ve had a blueberry tart, a ricotta cheesecake, cannolis. So what’s next?

Don’t know, but shouldn’t you show up to the next meeting to find out?

Join us on Wednesday, Jan. 21 for a critique session. Hmmm. “Critique” sounds a little harsh. How about “Feedback”? Bring a sample of something you’re working on—up to five pages.

To get more helpful responses, think about what feedback would be helpful: Should your characters be more developed? Your point of view changed? Your intro more engaging?   You can even bring an idea. Tell the group about something you’d like to write and get some feedback about possible approaches, publishing venues…

And be sure to come ready for dessert!

Please note the room change – BI 214 on the CSM La Plata campus.