What We’re Writing

F.J. Talley:

F. J. Talley won the fiction prize for 2019 from the Gulf Coast Writers’ Association for his short story “Thirteen.” The story has been published on their website and may be accessed here: Contest Winners. F. J. also had his story “By the River,” included in the Maryland Writers’ Association 30th Anniversary Anthology.

Edna Troiano:

Edna published Uncle Tom’s Journey from Maryland to Canada: The Life of Josiah Henson (American Heritage) on January 21st, 2019.


Marguerite Labbe:

Marguerite published A Little Side of Geek with Dreamspinner press on May 22nd, 2018


Brenda Clayburn:

Brenda published Breathe in April 2018 with J2B Publishing.


Stephen Berberich:

Stephen published Trout Heaven: A Trail Guide to Landing a Big Corporate Fish or How I Found Love in Foster’s Creek September 19, 2018


Lew McIntyre:

Lew published The Eagle and the Dragon in February 2017 and is now working on the sequel. The Eagle and the Dragon won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in Historical Fiction.


Karen McIntyre

Karen published Ruby in July 2018. Ruby won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in Women’s Interest.



Jim Brewster:

Jim started a new series of books for children and published Pete and Petey – The Tire Swing on November 28th, 2018.


Fun With Words for our 30th Anniversary year!

Fun With Words
Maryland Writers’ Association (MWA) invites you to have fun writing part of an espionage techno-thriller using only 100 words.  In your 100 words, weave together the main character (You name them), a piece of military equipment (you pick), a warning tone, and a green coffee cup.  Please visit 
www.mwawritersroundtable.org/fun-with-words, to read a sample response from this prompt, if you are unsure of how to write this.  Submit your Fun With Words response to www.mwawritersroundtable.org/submit-fun-with-words by the 20th of the month and receive an MWA Fun With Words Submission Certificate.  Selected responses will be published next month.

Congratulations to several members of the Maryland Writers Ass’n, Southern Maryland Chapter for being accepted into the July 2017 issue of Pen in Hand:

Karen McIntyre – Short Story

Eric Shoemaker – Short Story

Edna Troiano – Poem

Katie Brewster – Poem

Go to http://www.MarylandWriters.org/Pen_in_Hand_ and you can download the issue or go to Amazon.com and purchase it.


Jim Brewster

We found a game that helps you right, it’s called Writers Bloxx. You roll the die and it gives you Genre, Event, Time, Object, Location, and Character. With the use of these six things, you have six minutes to write a story with as many things included as you can. We first played as a group at the Holiday Party and now we play at the end of every meeting!

If you want to get your hands on a copy of the game or find out more the link is https://www.writersbloxx.com/