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Fun With Words for our 30th Anniversary year!

Fun With Words
Maryland Writers’ Association (MWA) invites you to have fun writing part of an espionage techno-thriller using only 100 words.  In your 100 words, weave together the main character (You name them), a piece of military equipment (you pick), a warning tone, and a green coffee cup.  Please visit 
www.mwawritersroundtable.org/fun-with-words, to read a sample response from this prompt, if you are unsure of how to write this.  Submit your Fun With Words response to www.mwawritersroundtable.org/submit-fun-with-words by the 20th of the month and receive an MWA Fun With Words Submission Certificate.  Selected responses will be published next month.

Tony’s Search
A green coffee cup, half-filled with the chilled black liquid, sat to the right of the computer screen, untouched for several hours.  Tony Medoro scrolled through the latest classified intel summaries, searching for the info he needed, to no avail.  The name he needed appeared on no classified terrorist database or watch list.  A previous search with his non-secure Blackberry turned up nothing on the law enforcement register either, not NCIS, not anything. Who the hell was this guy?

A warning tone sounded, a wavering siren.  Tony picked up his M-16 and ratcheted a round into the chamber, safety off.
– Lew McIntyre, MWA member


We found a game that helps you right, it’s called Writers Bloxx. You roll the die and it gives you Genre, Event, Time, Object, Location, and Character. With the use of these six things you have six minutes to write a story with as many things included as you can. We first played as a group at the Holiday Party and now we play at the end of every meeting!

If you want to get your hands on a copy of the game or find out more the link is https://www.writersbloxx.com/



Marguerite Labbe:

Marguerite will be having a book cover release on May 22nd for her new book A Little Side of Geek with Dreamspinner press.

Brenda Clayburn:

Brenda published Breathe in April 2018 with J2B Publishing.


Stephen Berberich:

Stephen published Night at the Belvedere: Lost in time, they beckon a restless heart in January 2017.


Lew McIntyre:

Lew published The Eagle and the Dragon in February 2017 and is now working on the sequel.


Karen McIntyre

Karen published Parham’s Mill in September 2017 and is now currently working on a branch off entitled Ruby.


Jim Brewster:

Jim is a new member-at-large of the MWA Board of Directors. He is currently helping us grow our association and he is assisting other members on their road to self publishing.
More from Jim Brewster >>

Uncle Rocky, Fireman
Officer Jack
EMT Morales


Our Critique Group:

Eric Shoemaker – Shared the “Anatomy of a Story” process.  He realized he needed to know where his story was going with Rusty and Colleen.  He started working on the last chapter of the book so he could get it nailed down.  First draft sounds intense and will produce the “new equilibrium” he wants to achieve.  Nice!  Hope to hear more on this chapter next time!
Bryan Gorman – Shared the first draft of the first chapter “Ignite the Forge”. He has designed a world that did not develop past Medieval times (for a reason) where humans are matched with dragons at a young age.  Feedback and suggestions for how the world could be explained were shared and everyone liked the premise.  Keep writing Brian we want more!
September Lundeen – Was so inspired by Jim Brewster’s presentation that she wrote a children’s picture book.  She has approached her daughter in law to be the illustrator (she is an artist).  Awaiting response on that front…stay tuned!
Darlene Exum – While she has not worked on this project in a long time, Darlene has re-opened her book “Shattered Pieces Saved By Grace”.  Well crafted story of loss of a child and a mother’s journey to healing through loved ones and God’s grace.  This one will be powerful.  The first chapter is gripping, and we talked about how parts could be moved closer to the beginning to “hit” the reader sooner.  Excellent work Darlene keep it up!