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Stephen Berberich:

Night at the Belvedere: Lost in time, they beckon a restless heart
The naked intruder: USDA and the discovery of the viroid


Lew McIntyre:

Come, Follow Me: A Story of Pilate and Jesus
Giordano Bruno


Jim Brewster:
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Uncle Rocky, Fireman
Officer Jack
EMT Morales


Aug. 2013: Kevin John Grote published a new novel, Gridlock, set in the Washington, DC region.

July 2013:  Brandon Patterson’s debut novel, Communion, will be available on the Amazon Kindle October 2013. Communion is a new take on the vampire mythos centering around a creature called the dhampir. The main character, Lester “Les” Fuller, learns invaluable lessons on isolation, trust, and belonging.Patterson is an academic and career adviser with the College of Southern Maryland. Read more >>

June 2013: James Burd Brewster is writing a series of children’s picture books titled Rocky Hill, Fireman.  Rocky Hill, a new fireman, is the hero and Ben and Luke are his nephews who share in his exploits. All three enjoy serving and helping others and respond to a “thank you” with their trademark answer, “Glad to do it.”  Publication of the first three books, Rocky Hill, Fireman #1- Fire!, Rocky Hill, Fireman #2 – Something’s Missing, and Rocky Hill, Fireman #3 – Sparky’s Rescue are scheduled for publication in late June. (Update: The first three Rocky Hill, Fireman Books are available at Smashwords.com.

May 2013: Kevin John Grote of La Plata has released his fifth historical novel, Juniata. It’s book one of his series The Seekers and takes place in Colonial Pennsylvania in 1751. Juniata continues the Fawkes saga from Grote’s other series set in the UK. Watch the book trailer.



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